About Us

Vision / Mission Statement:

Far Eastern University aims to be a private university of choice in Asia.

Committed to the highest intellectual, moral and cultural standards,
it strives to produce principled and competent graduates.

It nurtures a service-oriented community that seeks to contribute to
the advancement of global society.

Courses and programs

Institute of Accounts,
Business and Finance (IABF):

  • BS Accountancy
    BS Hotel & Restaurant Management
    BS Tourism Management
    BS Business Administration Major In:
    Business Economics
    Financial Management
    Human Resource Development Management
    Marketing Management
    Operations Management

Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS)

  • BS Biology
    BS Applied Mathematics with Information Technology with Certificate in PC Operation NC II & Certificate in Programming NC IV
    BS Medical Technology
    BS Psychology
    AB English Language with Certificate in Contact Services NC II
    AB International Studies
    AB Literature
    AB Mass Communication
    AB Political Science

Institute of Nursing (IN)

  • BS Nursing

Institute of Education (IE)

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (General)
    Bachelor of Elementary Education
    (Special Education)
    Bachelor Secondary Education
    Major in:
    General Science
    Music, Arts and Physical Education Sports & Recreational Management

Institute of Architecture and
Fine Arts (IARFA)

  • BS Architecture
    Bachelor of Fine Arts,
    Major in Advertising Arts / Painting

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Policies and Procedures


Admission to the university requires students to satisfy the following:

  • Satisfactory completion of secondary education or its equivalent, e.g. Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) or Non-Formal Equivalency test both given by the Department of Education.
  • Passing The FEU College Admissions Test (FEU-CAT).

Admission to the university is initially recommended and processed by the Admissions & External Relations Office (AERO) located at the ground floor of the Arts Building or the Technology Building Lobby, Visitor’s Lounge.

Enrollment to the university is a contractual relationship between the student and the university whereby the students agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the institution.

Application Procedure for the FEU-CAT

1. Secure a FEU-CAT application form from the following:

  • Application forms can be downloaded from this page. Please go to Download to download application form.
  • High School Guidance Offices
  • AERO, Ground Floor of the Arts Building
  • Technology Building Visitor’s Lounge

2. Fill out application form and attach 2 pieces of 2x2 colored ID pictures.
3. Pay the testing fee of P450 to the designated cashier.
4. Submit accomplished form to the designated AERO Staff members.
5. Get your receipt and schedule.
6. Take the FEU-CAT on your designated date, time and venue. (Do not forget to bring your official test receipt which will serve as your test permit.)

Reminder: No retake policy is strictly applied.

FEU-CAT Results

Results may be known through the following:

  • Notification letters to all examinees.
  • Official results posted in this website one (1) or two (2) working days after the testing date. Please check FEU-CAT Results under the bulletin in the home page.
  • Phoned-in inquiries, except for transferees to Nursing, Medical Technology & Physical Therapy.
  • Posted results in our bulletin boards located at the Technology Building lobby one (1) week before the start of the freshmen enrollment period.

Enrollment Requirements

Successful examinees are required to submit the following during enrollment:

  • Original Form 138 (4th year High School Report Card) or equivalent documents such as Permanent Record Card, Transcript of Student Progress, Certificate of Secondary Completion, PEPT record, GED Certificate, Certificate of High School Equivalence, etc.
  • Photocopy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Down payment for enrollment as indicated in the notification letter.

Note: Students with lost high school credentials should submit the following to the AERO:

  • Official Form 137
  • Duly notarized Affidavit of Loss
  • Signed letter of explanation

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Contact Us

Admissions and External Relations Office

Address: Nicanor Reyes Sr. Street
1000 Manila, Philippines

Trunkline: +63 (2) 7355621 to 30 local 251
Direct Line: +63 (2) 7360036
Fax: +63 (2) 7344971
Call Us Anytime:
+63 (2) 8434343 local 2009

Website: www.feu.edu.ph

In www.eyp.ph, you can find FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY (FEU) in the following categories: Schools, Education, Schools-Technical And Trade

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