Jhaymarts Industries, Inc. is a Davao based corporation known as the pioneer manufacturer of polyethylene pipes in Mindanao. Jhaymarts has become a byword among the premier real estate developers, irrigation projects, government water system projects, contractors, agricultural companies, etc. because of its outstanding quality and performance.

Used for potable Water Transmissions, Distribution and Service connection of water systems; and main, sub-main, and lateral lines for irrigation systems, well casing for well drilling, and conduits for electrical lines and telecommunications especially with optic fiber lines.

JHAYMARTS Stormdrain Pipe is the best substitute for the heavy, low efficient and high installation and maintenance cost, cement culverts. The Regular Stormdrain Pipe features corrugated outside wall to withstand external pressure and plain inside wall for smooth flow. The Double Walled Stormdrain Pipe features stronger hollow double wall to withstand heavier external loads.

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+ Jhaymarts Polyethylene pipe is a perfect substitute for metal pipes such as Galvanized and cast iron pipes and so with uPVC pipes because of its resistance to corrosion, flexibility, and toughness.
+Performance is not reduced in replacing these conventional pipes with Polyethylene. It is enhanced because of its low head losses due to friction, lightweight, ease of installation, and wider and more dependable choice of jointing procedures.

+ Jhaymarts has a complete line of products for a general water system requirements supplied by local and international companies.

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