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When it comes to diesel pump servicing, what keeps us apart from other calibration shops?

Our track record – 42 years of Diesel Fuel Injection Pump SALES and QUALITY SERVICE. Fully equipped with repair attachments for Japanese, European and American systems, and electronic governors. Computer-based diagnostics for electronic control diesel vehicles.

Factory-authorized service for Bosch-Zexel VRZ/4M41 (Mitsubishi Pajero), and VP44 (Nissan Patrol/Urvan Estate/Isuzu DMAX) pumps. Bosch Common Rail Diesel Injection (CRDI) systems.

Superior service since 1967

From the time you bought your first diesel engine for your first jeep, to the time you upgraded to your first brand new diesel car and truck, Obet and his excellent team at Malabon Diesel Injection Service have been using and sharing their knowledge of diesel fuel injection pump repair and maintenance to keep every vehicle in your fleet running smoothly.

But times are changing. The increasing cost of fuel and introduction of modern high-pressure diesel injection systems have created a new requirement – for very sophisticated, high precision test equipment, the expertise of properly trained diesel specialists, special tools and a high degree of cleanliness in the diesel workshop.

Thus, the new Malabon Diesel


Our 12-point Advantage:

Profit from our expertise in diesel. Professional solutions for the repair and maintenance of state-of-the-art diesel technology for vehicle owners, fleet operators and motor vehicle repair shops.

1. Specialist knowledge in Bosch Common Rail Diesel Injection (CRDI) Systems CP1/1H/3 (latest Hyundai, Kia and Ford diesel models).
2. Specialist knowledge in:

  • ZEXEL in-line pump types HD/MD/MI-TICS (Euro II compliant), M, MW, P-7xxx/8xxx, RED3 15/19, and RED4.
  • ZEXEL distributor injection pump types COVEC-F/T, VE-Z, VRZ (Mitsubishi Pajero) and Bosch/ZEXEL VP29/30/44.
3. Highly qualified and regularly trained diesel technicians.
4. Diesel workshop with state-of-the-art technology.
5. High performance computer-based diagnostics and repair of electrical diesel fuel systems.
6. Extensive range of special tools.
7. Permanently high workshop level as a result of regular quality audits by Robert Bosch (Philippines) and SGS.
8. Extensive stock of repaired exchange pumps.
9. Local diagnosis for fleet operators and motor vehicle repair shops on request.
10. Pick-up and return service for fleet operators and motor vehicle repair shops on request.
11. Fixed prices and firm appointments.
12. Every diesel pump passes through a one-of-a-kind quality test – OBET.

1-copy.jpg The cleanest of work rooms. Complete special assembly and disassembly tools.

3-copy.jpg State of the art fuel pump testing and calibrating machines that guarantee like-brand-new performance. ZERO back job.

On board Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) testing for complete engine diagnosis.

Ultrasonic cleaner for the best fuel injector performance.

Computerized smoke emission testing as final quality check.




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