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Humble beginnings

In the beginning, there was Life.

Dra. Josefina Singson Florendo (+) was a stalwart vanguard of Life’s eminence, braving the streets of Manila beyond curfew hours during the Japanese Occupation to reach her patients’ homes and fulfill her mission of delivering their babies successfully into this world. It is with the same religious fervor that she and her surgeon husband, Dr. Raymundo T. Macaraeg (+) built this hospital from the ground-up, starting with a 25-bed capacity maternity clinic, and growing it into the 100-bed, full-fledged general hospital it is today.

Founded in 1957, Perpetual Succor Hospital and Maternity is the embodiment of a life-long thanksgiving to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor for the successful birth of the founders’ only offspring. It was nothing short of a miracle, for aside from the fact that Dr. Pinang was 41 years old at the time, she also had a previous miscarriage. Dr. Pinang prayed the novena over and over during childbirth, guiding her obstetrician who already told her that the baby might not make it. In spite of all these hurdles, their biggest blessing came through, and the couple pledged to extend their blessing to others and made it a lifetime commitment.

Today, after more than half a century after, the pledge lives on in the healing hands of the doctors, nurses and the rest of the medical team; in the steady efforts and support of the Administration and all employees; and the unswerving faith and love of the Management, all working together to uphold a deep appreciation of and sense of responsibility for LIFE.. then…now…always.

Patient Services

- 24/7 Emergency Room
- 24/7 Outpatient Consultant
- 24/7 Laboratory
- Intensive Care Unit
- Dietary & Nutrition
- Eye Center
- Pharmacy
- CT-Scan
- Ultrasound
- X-Ray
- 84 Inpatient hospital beds

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836 Florentino Cayco Street, Manila, Metro Manila

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