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The family business of film shooting equipment rentals that is ALL SCOPE CINEMA started in the early 50’s till the 70’s during the Golden Age of Philippine Cinema. The flourishing cinema trade at that time saw the transformation of the business to a full mainstream player as a film production outfit that was JBC Productions. Besides renting out the film shooting equipment to various production outfits like LVN, Ilang-ilang, Sampaguita to name a few, JBC Productions produced a number of movies under its name.

Having been exposed as a child to his parents business of film production, Peter Chong Sr. learned the basic rudiments of film making including a hands on training as a soundman. When the family decided to close down the film production outfit, Peter Chong Sr. realized that in the film production industry, equipment rentals was more stable in terms of income than a glamorous film production outfit. Peter Chong Sr. at that point focused on providing again film producers the essential tools, particularly the film shooting equipment and generators — thus ALL SCOPE CINEMA was reborn in 1982.

The power shortages in the late 80’s strengthened the company’s hold on the generator rental business, dominating all competitors in this field. Acquisition of new state of the art equipment further boosted the hold of the company in the film entertainment industry as the leading supplier of film shooting units. The  film production boom in the early 80’s until mid-90’s contributed to establishing ALL SCOPE CINEMA’s dominance in the field of film production industry and the generator rental business as other business sectors likewise found a need for the use of power generating units in their operations.

From a one man team operation, ALL SCOPE today boasts of 60 personnel, 30 generator units of various capacity, 12 shooting units and a number of various filming equipment paraphernalia such as all kinds of lights, dollies & scaffoldings as well as camera.

RACLEP FILM EQUIPMENT RENTALS—- the New Generation             

Following the footsteps of his father, Reynaldo Chong started work in the family business as a generator truck driver and field soundman. This experience taught him the ropes of the business.

At the onset of the new millennium, Reynaldo Chong established RACLEP FILM EQUIPMENT RENTALS by acquiring his own equipment’s to supplement the growing clientele of ALL SCOPE CINEMA. At present the company maintains its own shooting units and a number of generators and lighting equipment, poised to carry on in the tradition of its parent company ALL SCOPE CINEMA in the new age of the continuously evolving Digital Media Technology.


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Our Products
Century Stand.jpg
Century Stand
Dedo Lights.jpg
Dedo Lights
Fresnel Spot.jpg
Fresnel Spot

Lightning Kinoflo.jpg
Lightning Kinoflo
Lite Panel.jpg
Lite Panel

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Splitter Box
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Spray Gun with Belt Battery

Mobile Generator
Mobile Generator
Service Vehicle
Service Vehicle
575 HMI Lights
575 HMI Lights

ARRI Camera
ARRI Camera

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In www.eyp.ph, you can find RACLEP FILM EQUIPMENT SUPPLY in the following categories: Networking Devices, Generators, Events Management

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